We use advanced technology to deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

Dedicated development team

We provide a remote team of engineers based on clients' needs. Our developers have strong expertise and are qualified enough to propose changes that would help our clients to reach their goals.

You will get

Quick start

Being agile means being fast. We have built our processes with the idea that the fastest wins. Our clients can count on the fastest time to market along with high-quality standards.

Simple administration

We know that time is a valuable thing. Our goal is to release our clients of needs to manage remote developers directly. You get a single point of contact for any questions about your project progress.

Strong tech expertise

Technology is our passion. We are constantly improving our knowledge and skills. Internal hackathons are a perfect battleground for testing cutting edge technologies.

High level of security

Security does not tolerate compromises. Strict security policies, regular training for staff and contractors, ongoing infrastructure security audits are our established practice.

Software Engineering

Whether you are a large enterprise or an early-stage startup, we can give your custom software development project a start push. We love working with the latest technologies and tools to create high performance and scalable products and applications. Front-end and design, backend, database, and server scale designed to fit your custom project (React Native Apps; MEAN/MERN stack (MongoDB/MySQL, Express, Angular/React, Node.js); ReactJS, AWS). We offer everything you need for web app development and ongoing support, including custom development, performance optimization, cloud-based deployment, API development, and integration.

Mobile App Development

We understand the need to introduce a mobile app fast and cost-efficiently. That’s why we build both mobile-only and apps for web-based software and also develop native solutions for iOS and Android or cross-platform apps.

IT Business Consulting

Our specialists can assist you to cut the costs and increase revenue by shifting from inefficient legacy IT systems and architectures to a cloud-based infrastructure. It simplifies delivery and enables the integration of emerging technologies in your business. We analyze your workflow and track performance to detect the pain points. Our software engineers will help you to eliminate the bottleneck components. After that, our consultants and software engineers recommend actions for future modifications and help with their implementation.

Cloud solutions

Properly implemented cloud solutions will bring you measurable business benefits due to the ability to adapt the resources used to your current needs. We support clients in the process of migrating their existing infrastructure to the cloud, whether updating the business tools already in use or creating entirely new, technologically advanced IT solutions. Our engineers implement solutions based on the most popular cloud platforms, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Our team of engineers build, migrate, scale, optimize, maintain, and manage AWS systems. Also, our experts can help you with the cloud hosting – to choose the right hosting provider and show you how to make the most of cloud hosting.

Services for startups

We leverage our existing experience of working with different startups to help you define the products and line of business applications. If you have an idea but don’t know what to do next, we can clarify it into a vision and advise on all technical aspects. Or you might have a strong business team but without trusted technical expertise. We can be your starting point for the product launch.

Staff augmentation

We provide extra developers to enhance your in-house team with engineers with appropriate expertise. Our professionals can cost-effectively tackle the lack of qualified resources.

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